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The Farm & the Environment

Luton Hoo Estate farms over 1200 acres in hand and operates a busy contract farming operation. Throughout the farm we strive to maximise returns whilst employing modern conservation techniques.

The farm has been managed in hand for over 100 years. The farm practice involves Conservation Farming, which incorporates a long-term holistic approach to farming. This utilises conservation principals in the crop production to improve return whilst enhancing and safeguarding the environment for the future.  Currently the farm grows oilseed rape for oil production, winter and spring barley for feed and malting, and winter wheat for bread making.


Crop establishment is completed by non-inversion tillage, which when combined with the overwintered stubbles has limited the spread of weeds, especially black grass, whilst improving soil structure. This in turn has ensured a reduction in chemical and fertiliser applications. Luton Hoo Estate has been involved with environmental stewardship schemes for many years, the current agreement focusing on replanting of hedgerows, construction of habitats and environmental corridors, creation of flower rich margins and focused expansion of nectar rich flower mixes to promote and enhance an active bee population. The overall result has been a dramatic increase in yields and an increase in biodiversity across the spectrum of farm species.

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